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Les italiennes en visite

Escursione alla Maroto Valley! Giorgia, Sabrina e Paola immerse nella natura incontaminata di Tahiti, accompagnate da Teuai! Iaorana Tahiti Expeditions

Donnavventura was born as a travel reportage entirely dedicated to women.

Now in it’s 29h year of exciting activities, it’s a most renowned format, acclaimed by bigger and bigger audience figures. Each year the young women of the team, selected amongst some 165.000 applicants, become true reporters for 100 days - each member of the team is in fact partnered with a media partner - to discover the most fascinating parts of the globe.

Une entreprise italienne de reportage de voyages dédiés aux femmes a envoyé une équipe de reportrices à Iaorana Tahiti Expeditions. et elles ont été enthousiastes.

Y'a qu'à voir leurs sourires!

Mauruuru Donnaventura.!

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