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For our 4x4 safaris,  we have a brand new Nissan Patrol.It has 8 seats with safety belts at the rear cabin  and all safety equipments to explore valleys and rivers.

 Our vehicle

For safety reason, babies and small children, under 4 years old, are not admitted on 4x4 safari tours.


 Our 4X4 safari tours are also not advised for pregnant women, people suffering from back problems .


Hikes suppose that you like walking . They are accessible to everybody.

In case of "sporty" hikes, level of difficultie will be indicated in the description of the hike.

If the site is inaccessible, as a result of bad weather, roadworks or for other reasons beyond our control, an alternative outing will be offered.


Departures are garanteed if the minimum of 4 customers is reached . We could propose you another date in order to reach this minimum number.


Iaorana Tahiti Expéditions, its staff and vehicles have proper insurance which covers any damage due to company.

However, think of your travel insurance for a complete coverage.


 Our touristic transport licence has been delivered by the Ministry of transports of French Polynesia 

Changes and




- more than 4 persons : payment by wire payment 10 days prior to the tour,

- less than 4 persons ; payment  the day of the excursion, to the guide by check or cash. 

Forms of payment

   Safety and quality are our priorities


   For each of our expeditions, we suggest to bring:

  • hat or cap 

  • solar cream

  • anti-mosquito lotion

  • swim-bather and towel for those who would like to swim

  • beverage (bottle of water of 1.5 liter) and food


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